We are a family oriented team with loyal members in different locations throughout the U.S. and abroad internationally.

 Our brand is all about community and building long lasting relationships through fellowshipping at different events and getting to know each other. We take care of and help each other like a family should, especially when a member is in need. We maintain a positive, uplifting environment where all members feel comfortable to be themselves. We do not endorse threats, negativity, or any malicious intent.

We are all about building total solidarity as we grow. We pride ourselves in being a dynamic team that has amazing individuals who represent United Boxer Society by staying loyal to each other because our values combine physical, emotional, and consistent elements into one experience. 

When you successfully build a connection with your family, while building a solid foundation of brand via comradery, members feel appreciated. But achieving that connection is no easy task, and to succeed one must remain true to their core values and always strive to create a family that members and sponsors are proud to be associated with.


 Our values represent the solid foundation of who we are:

Integrity, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, Honesty, Humility, Love, Discipline, Fairness and most of all, Fun!

Revving Connections

Building a community of car enthusiasts to share the love for all things automotive.

Our Initiatives

Explore the various programs and initiatives we undertake to empower individuals and make a difference

Racing for a Cause

Organize charity races to raise funds for worthy causes and support local communities

Youth Automotive Education

Inspire and educate the next generation of automotive enthusiasts.

Car Restoration Projects

Preserve our Boxer cars and restoring them to their former glory and creating unique builds while providing knowledge, hands on, and local business and partners support.

Track Days

Experience the thrill of racing on a professional track while surrounded by fellow car enthusiasts.

Car Meets

Join us for regular car meets where you can showcase your ride and connect with like-minded individuals.

Technical Information

Learn from experts in the field as they share their knowledge on car maintenance, repairs, and modifications.

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