Our Initiatives

Explore the various programs and initiatives we undertake to empower individuals and make a difference


Organize charity events to raise funds for worthy causes and support local communities

Automotive Education

Inspire and educate our members through knowledge ,hands on builds and workshops at local shops and UBS Supported connections.

Car Restoration Projects

Preserve Classic Subaru cars and restore them to their former glory and tuning.

About Us

United Boxer Society is dedicated to bringing together car enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our goal is to foster a vibrant community that celebrates automotive culture and gives back to society.

Inspired by the joy and camaraderie cars bring, we aim to make a positive impact on individuals and communities through our initiatives, events, and outreach programs.

Join The Movement

Become a part of United Boxer Society and contribute to our mission of driving change through the power of cars

United Boxer Society brand is all about community!

We enjoy being around each other and ensure that all members know that they are important and always feel welcomed!

We thrive on treating each other with respect, supporting all our team mates regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, stock or modified built! Most importantly we represent not only yourselves but the entire brand in public and on the streets!

Transformation Stories

Discover inspiring stories of how cars have transformed lives and brought about positive change

From Struggle to Success

Learn how one individual overcame adversity and built a successful build of their Subaru with the support of United Boxer Society members and contacts.

Building Communities

Discover how our members car projects have revitalized communities, and preserved automotive heritage, at events!


We are a family oriented team with loyal members in different locations throughout the U.S. and abroad internationally.

​Our locations

Unite with fellow car enthusiasts and make a difference in the automotive world. Follow us on

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